Teacher Resources

Teachers of Dante's Comedy will find a range of materials intended to facilitate the teaching of the poem. They include a video demonstration, which introduces users to the chief components to the site and how to access them; a list of suggested activities; additional readings on the poem and on the artists whose work is included; links to other sites; and a survey. The activities work particularly well if teachers show students how to access the various materials, especially the information available on the combined text pages and search page.

Instructional Video

This video introduces the main components of The World of Dante. The video shows the main features of the combined text pages, how to access the music, use the search page, navigate the Botticelli's Chart of Hell, and view the maps and timeline.

Click here for the 640 x 480 resolution (18MB), and here for a smaller version (14MB).


A full list of suggestions for activities which can be pursued in class or as homework assignments.

Related Links

Suggested Readings

The secondary literature on Dante is vast. This list offers suggestions on general studies and guides.

User Survey

This Evaluation Form is intended to provide the directors of the World of Dante with more detailed information regarding the use and functionality of the site.